Punjabi Sweet Lassi | Sweet Yogurt Drink
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Sweet Lassi

Lassi is a yogurt-based drink originating from north west or precisely from punjab. It is usually served after heavy meal or perhaps during hot summer to lower the body heat.

Lassi can be consumed as just sweet drink, but practically it is an excellent accompaniment for spicy food. Fact is that, any curd or butter milk based drink can reduce the heat of spicy food gives a calming effect to the stomach and mind too. In addition, it is scientifically proven, that yogurt helps to improve digestion after heavy meal. In addition it is usually topped with dry  fruits like badam and pista which is obviously good for health.

Sweet punjabi Lassi recipe:


Yogurt – 2 cups
Water – 1/2 cup (chilled)
Sugar – 3 tbsp (or to taste)
Cardamom powder – Pinch(optional)
Ice cubes as required
Pistachios and almonds – 1 tbsp (Finely chopped) for garnishing


Step 1:
In a blender blend yogurt, water, sugar and cardamom powder until smooth and frothy. If you like it extremely cold add ice cubes while blending.

Step 2:
Pour in glass and garnish with some sliced pistachios and almonds. Summer refreshing sweet lassi ready.

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